Bee Keeping


Beekeeping information and beekeeping training cannot be acquired overnight. Those interested in taking up bee keeping should first gather all the relevant facts about the habits and life cycle of the honeybees and how to cultivate them and the necessary safety precautions to be undertaken as well. This is because beekeeping basics training not only teaches the individual how to acquire or attract a swarm of honey bees but also how to maintain them safely so as not to inadvertently harm oneself or one’s neighbors. If there is bee sting involved then beekeeping equipment will also include medical aid required to administer first aid to the victim. Honey beekeeping also teaches the handler how to encourage the attracted bees to produce honey, safely extract this honey and then how to process the honey so as to make it commercially available. Good beekeeping training creates honey farmers who know almost everything there is to know about honey bees, their lifestyle, their nature and how they identify their various sources of pollen required to prepare honey. Some bee keepers also specially cultivate certain varieties of flowers from where the bees may collect the nectar and then store it in their hives.

bee keeping 2Bees are usually active during the summer months and during this time they tend to live on the honey they prepare and store in the winter time. However, even in the summer, bees will continue to prepare honey unless their hive has sufficient stores of honey. Honey beekeeping will teach the farmer how to harvest the honey and most importantly the right time to harvest the honey. Those who want to take up beekeeping as a potential source of income need to realize that there are certain months in the year when there will be no honey. Those planning on raising honey bees should first choose a hive wherein the honey bees will live. This hive should be able to support the planned number of colonies. One also needs to invest in protective equipment such as gloves and veils which will be required while handling bees. Once the hive is selected, one needs some worker bees and a queen bee to begin with. It is advisable to purchase a packaged set of bees and a queen bee that has already been mated. Beekeepers should also be aware that the sunflower is the best natural source of nectar which in turn provides premium and quality honey.


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